Lord Time
Online Players


This rewrite is based off lord 4.00a but has the following changes.

1. Players cannot be duelled unless they accept in some realms. (duel kill prevention)
2. Death knight skill damage has been boosted from 3x to 3.3x.
3. Rounds automatically reset at midnight when the round has been won.
4. Weapon and armour restrictions per level in some realms. (camping prevention)
5. No gold is gained for killing a player. (team play prevention)
6. Players on the same IP address cannot attack one another for a period of time. (team play prevention)
7. Players can not engage in battle with another player who is already in battle. (double kill fix)
8. Players can not enter the realm while engaged in an offline battle with another player. (player left alive fix)
9. Players on level 12 are killed by the dragon if they sleep in the inn or fields in some realms. (camping prevention)
10. Online duel battle look and feel has been made consistant with offline battles.
11. Dwarf blackjack event removed from the forest.
12. Background colors can no longer be used in the flower garden.
13. Blank messages are now cancelled rather than sending a default message.
14. Ability to block mail from other players. (harassment prevention)