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lady jags
Round 30   Day 33

Fire Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
18,793,70512 TTodayDead
10,979,27311 TTodayDead
1,956,5068 TTodayDead
375,4438 TTodayDead
5MLance Uppercut
327,7946 TTodayDead
256,5888 TTodayDead
113,2206 TTodayDead
16,1956 TTodayDead
9DKyle's Cousin
10MThaddues Stevens
3,4574 TTodayDead
3,3544 TTodayDead
3,0364 T1 daysDead
3552 TTodayDead
251 TTodayDead
15FTShe-Ra28,661,3979 T1 daysDead
17TCurtis Interruptus23,147,65612 TTodayDead
18MJohn C Calhoun19,122,31412TodayDead
19TWishmaster19,051,58410 MTodayDead
20TCharles Sumner14,674,05612 TTodayDead
22FTRunny Nose13,499,44412 T1 daysDead
23FTHERMIONY12,521,12512 T1 daysDead
24FTAstralstorm12,302,84812 T2 daysDead
25TFatty Acid11,912,45710TodayDead
26TDr_Who11,510,912122 daysDead
28FMAPPLETREE10,268,26012 T1 daysDead
29TGiroux8,535,33311 T3 daysDead
30FTpink dragon8,103,51510 TTodayDead
35FMlady jags5,387,861101 daysDead
36TSir Studley3,759,77711 TTodayDead
38DTzu3,187,347101 daysDead
39FDPrincess Peach3,155,779812 daysDead
43DGreen Dragon1,377,80110 T1 daysDead
44Mthe Dude1,280,9388TodayDead
45DMr. Geake1,259,33110TodayDead
46TGoldenbane1,224,93310 TTodayDead
47DDoodius Maximus813,2608TodayDead
48FT(o)(o)756,32281 daysDead
49TStryder670,01192 daysDead
50TScramble648,5577 T2 daysDead
51Mweenie417,17271 daysDead
52MShadowStormWarrior402,84683 daysDead
54TG.I. Joe353,21882 daysDead
57FTCalisto175,88082 daysDead
60TBobbyJW66,2554 TTodayAlive
62TBoba Fett21,38461 daysDead
63MBiggus8,58743 daysDead
64DJoe Mama7,014510 daysDead
65DThe Funky Pigeon6,6185TodayDead
66TMoravian6,237511 daysDead
67DLord COVID-194,81544 daysDead
68TLord Rikochete4,80644 daysDead
69DBenacure1,44449 daysDead
71TIncontinent1,16822 daysDead
72TDargarath599412 daysDead
73TA Life Once Lost39725 daysDead
74FMDaringFox31725 daysDead
75DOne Two125114 daysAlive
76TElSamiot11616 daysDead
77MBoneyJabroni11222 daysDead
79FTpoop2716 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
The land is in chaos today. Will the abductions ever stop?
Argon has killed Princess Peach!
"I hope the ivy grows around your rotting body, Princess Peach,"
Sir Studley has been killed by Madman!
Halder laughs at Sir Studley's plight.
Radonfort has beaten Olodrin!
Argon has beaten Prince Caspian!
Argon has killed Giroux!
Argon sticks Giroux's head on a stick for all to see.
Radonfort has killed Biggus!
"Next time Biggus, try a thing called putting up a fight, eh,"
Radonfort says seriously.
Argon has beaten Gandalf!
Radonfort has killed Benacure!
"GRNOG BASH Benacure! Cut off their manhood and feed it to goats!"
Radonfort has beaten Sandtiger!
Theseus got laid by TOWLIE!
Fatty Acid has killed ShadowStormWarrior!
"You're a loser. You will always be a loser,"
Fatty Acid informs ShadowStormWarrior.
Fatty Acid has killed Argon!
"How dare you presume to strike ME, Fatty Acid,"
Argon screams.
Theseus got kicked in the groin by Violet!
Fatty Acid has killed Dargarath!
"The only reason you won was because I wasn't feeling well!," whines
Kuldace has beaten Sandtiger!
Kuldace has killed b-rar!
"You have NO right to that, Kuldace!," b-rar whines.
Theseus has killed Kuldace in self defence!
"Oh man! I didn't think you had it in you, Theseus,"
Kuldace exclaims.
Fatty Acid has killed Koss in self defence!
"LIFE IS *NOT* FAIR!," yowls Koss in agony.
Kokeman has killed poop!
"Ack! What a jealous person you've become, Kokeman!,
poop cries.
Frysk got laid by Raposao!
Frysk has killed Theseus!
"How dare you presume to strike ME, Frysk,"
Theseus screams.
Frysk has killed Fatty Acid!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," Frysk promises.
Frysk has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
The Red Dragon has killed Frysk!
Time got laid by Valerus!
Time Got laid by Seth Able!
Amarhy has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
The Red Dragon has killed Amarhy!
Time has slain the Red Dragon and become a hero.
Time has been killed by Bran The Warrior!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
Time in dismay.
Sandman has been killed by Shogun Warrior!
Shogun Warrior devours Sandman raw.
Kyle's Cousin got laid by Argon!
Kyle's Cousin got laid by Argon!
Kyle's Cousin has killed ElSamiot!
ElSamiot cries bitterly. "I don't know how, but you cheated!"
Kyle's Cousin has killed Kokeman!
"Kyle's Cousin must have been using JENNIE codes. CHEATER!"
Kokeman cries bitterly.
Kyle's Cousin has beaten Aragorn!
Kyle's Cousin has killed Radonfort!
"You have NO right to that, Kyle's Cousin!," Radonfort whines.
Ted has killed Kyle's Cousin!
"You're a loser. You will always be a loser,"
Ted informs Kyle's Cousin.
Ted has killed Warrior!
"My goodness. I do believe I'm dead." Warrior realizes.
Ted walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Ted walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Ted has been killed by ShadowStormWarrior!
"You got lucky, ShadowStormWarrior!," Ted declares.
Goldenbane walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Goldenbane has been killed by Toraks Son, Korak!
"I'LL BE BACK!," swears Goldenbane.
b-rar has beaten Sandtiger!
b-rar has beaten Sparhawk!
b-rar has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
b-rar has killed Polonius!
b-rar laughs.
Fox has beaten Aragorn!
Keu has killed b-rar!
b-rar cries bitterly. "I thought you were my friend!"
Keu has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Keu has been killed by Rundorig!
"At least I wasn't bested by Large Rat, eh?," shrugs Keu.
Polgeria got laid by Thanatos!
Polgeria got laid by Polonius!
lithium has killed Fox!
"If I ever see you in this town again, I'll whup ya again!,"
lithium has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
The Funky Pigeon has been killed by Silent Death!
The banker is already looking for The Funky Pigeon's next of kin.
HomeyG has beaten Aragorn!
itchyScratchy has beaten Gandalf!
itchyScratchy has been killed by Gorma The Leper!
Halder laughs at itchyScratchy's plight.
}{ell walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Wishmaster walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Wishmaster has killed pink dragon!
pink dragon's ashen white face is mud splattered.
The Red Dragon has killed Wishmaster!
Mr. Geake has been killed by Sweet Looking Little Girl!
Mr. Geake's entrails are littering the forest.
Lance Uppercut has killed Polgeria!
"Lance Uppercut must have been using JENNIE codes. CHEATER!"
Polgeria cries bitterly.
Thanatos has killed Lance Uppercut in self defence!
"Haw! Haw! I told you to run!," laughs Thanatos.
Valerus got laid by Time!
Valerus has been killed by Black Unicorn!
Valerus's entrails are littering the forest.
ult has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
ult has killed }{ell!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," ult promises.
Doodius Maximus has been killed by King Vidion!
"Damn, Damn, Damn!," Doodius Maximus roars.
Yngwie has been killed by ShadowStormWarrior!
"You never think it can happen to you...Then WHAM!," explains Yngwie.
TOWLIE has killed ult!
"Defeat me, will ya? I have friends in this world!," squeals ult.
TOWLIE has killed the Dude!
"Well, my horoscope DID say there would be a great change in my life..."
the Dude.
Thaddues Stevens got laid by She-Ra!
HomeyG has killed Thaddues Stevens in self defence!
"I must not be as studly as I thought...!," Thaddues Stevens concedes.
MaDDog has been killed by Brand The Wanderer!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," MaDDog challenges.
The Red Dragon has killed John C Calhoun!
The Red Dragon has killed Charles Sumner!
The Red Dragon has killed Curtis Interruptus!
BobbyJW has killed HomeyG!
"This means WAR!," HomeyG shouts savagely.
Bograt Got laid by Violet!
Bograt has been killed by Shogun Warrior!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," Bograt challenges.
lithium has killed asdf in self defence!
"Ack! I'm humiliated in front of all!," explains asdf.