Lord Time
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Round 25   Day 25

Fire Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
30,1206 TTodayAlive
2792 TTodayDead
4TMORG23,190,383121 daysDead
6FMSweetDee16,307,78812 TTodayDead
7FTWillow15,724,26712 T1 daysDead
9FTLettuce13,853,368122 daysDead
11TDalamar13,083,378111 daysDead
12DFade12,603,261121 daysDead
14TLucian11,658,2409 TTodayDead
17FTits a mystery10,705,48812 TTodayDead
18FTSpanish Whore9,053,69810TodayDead
19FTLord Byrd6,665,80910 T1 daysDead
20FDPamela Anderson6,327,9768TodayDead
21DPalomar5,030,22881 daysDead
22Tparallax3,812,199103 daysDead
25TLeon Knights321,3848TodayAlive
26DStryder100,69282 daysDead
28TTelic16,70651 daysDead
29TMong83422 daysAlive
30DMaelst0rm8918 daysDead
31FTDR4G0NS74Y3R8115 daysDead
32FTYokai2719 daysDead
33MMad_Ox6114 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
Dragon scales have been found in the forest today..Old or new?
HomeyG has killed parallax!
"The Gods have deserted me!!," parallax insists.
HomeyG has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
HomeyG has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"Ack! I was under the impression I was invincible. I suppose I was wrong,"
HomeyG admits.
Lucian has killed Yokai!
"*scoff* The NERVE!" Yokai screams.
Spanish Whore has beaten Prince Caspian!
Spanish Whore has been killed by Floating Evil Eye!
"You are definitely stronger than you look, Floating Evil Eye," Spanish Whore admits.
The Red Dragon has killed Snek!
Pumpkin has beaten Prince Caspian!
Pumpkin has killed Lucian!
"Lucian is a girlie-man!" taunts Pumpkin.
Pumpkin has beaten Gandalf!
Pumpkin has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
The Red Dragon has killed Pumpkin!
Keu got laid by Upa!
Keu has beaten Halder!
The Red Dragon has killed Dasher!
SweetDee got laid by Palomar!
SweetDee has killed Keu!
"You're a loser. You will always be a loser,"
SweetDee informs Keu.
The Red Dragon has killed SweetDee!
Upa has killed Fury!
"I hope the ivy grows around your rotting body, Fury,"
The Red Dragon has killed Upa!
The Red Dragon has killed its a mystery!
Bobby has killed Telic!
"Yikes! You're such an ass!," shrieks Telic.
Autumn got laid by Lucian!
Autumn has been killed by Cyclops Warrior!
"I think I'm going to be sick," Autumn moans pitifully.
LancelotTN has killed Bobby!
"I hope the ivy grows around your rotting body, Bobby,"
LancelotTN has killed Pamela Anderson!
"If you were a fruit, you would be a crab-apple!, LancelotTN!,"
Pamela Anderson mutters.
LancelotTN has been killed by Earth Shaker!
"You are definitely stronger than you look, Earth Shaker," LancelotTN admits.
Leon Knights got kicked in the groin by Violet!