Lord Time
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Round 42   Day 30

Fire Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
7,476,8769 T1 daysDead
2,969,4168 T1 daysDead
60,6427 TTodayDead
56,9437 TTodayDead
38,9467 TTodayDead
31,5436 TTodayDead
7FMpink dragon
27,8215 T1 daysDead
24,1096 T1 daysDead
22,1605 T1 daysDead
13,4626 T1 daysDead
13,0744 T1 daysDead
9,17951 daysDead
3,6144 T1 daysAlive
3,0364 T1 daysDead
2,4663 TTodayAlive
18FMRAM23,930,85412 T1 daysDead
19TDred22,915,02610 T1 daysDead
21FDMom's Lesbian Hoe20,451,66412D1 daysDead
22FTECUpirate0519,552,16912 TTodayDead
23TSandman17,937,48012 TTodayDead
24FMZat17,648,29812 TTodayDead
25Tjerred17,622,38511 T1 daysDead
26TRadonfort16,917,78012 TTodayDead
27TFlaming Moe16,886,34511TodayDead
28TSmusH14,171,54412 TTodayDead
29MFlamingMonkey13,400,63010 T1 daysDead
30TDamaged13,349,31312 T1 daysDead
31TRaisinBLood12,154,86112 T1 daysDead
32FTRunny Nose9,765,71910 T1 daysDead
33TLemongrab9,755,04610 T1 daysDead
34DSnowfrog9,241,414121 daysDead
35TDastardly Dog9,071,55011 T1 daysDead
36TJohnny8,486,21612 TTodayDead
37FTTheLadyWhispers8,253,5489 T1 daysDead
38MVan Smack7,724,39410 T1 daysDead
39TLord Rikochete7,425,56381 daysDead
40TChris Watts6,563,98811TodayDead
42FDBuhnie5,706,71482 daysDead
43DBaldwin5,113,887101 daysDead
44FTTulpa4,808,243111 daysDead
47TDog of the South4,683,62311 T1 daysDead
49TBograt4,139,01372 daysDead
50DSmudge3,526,153111 daysDead
51TJethe2,918,18891 daysDead
52FTRiver2,668,08510 TTodayDead
53TSir Strayveange2,514,795111 daysDead
54DTam1,569,465101 daysDead
56MNaughtyKnight923,954101 daysDead
57DDr. Paxl442,2888TodayAlive
59FDPootooloo272,66381 daysDead
60DMbrio263,99081 daysDead
61TParagon107,21672 daysDead
63TPhydeaux37,40271 daysDead
64FDEarth Shaker28,93251 daysDead
65FTolu17,23551 daysDead
66MScramble10,59343 daysUndead
67FMKentie9,22163 daysUndead
68DJack Malloy4,88141 daysDead
69MBill Murray4,33641 daysDead
70TDOOM MONKEY4,18753 daysUndead
71TPaul Samotik4,12941 daysDead
72TIngenuousMeteor3,53342 daysDead
73DZecari Eldraine14316 daysUndead
74D%Umpa Lumpa10514 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
A small girl was missing today.
Plitzcaia has killed pink dragon!
"The Gods have deserted me!!," pink dragon insists.
Zat got laid by Ronde!
Plitzcaia has beaten Sparhawk!
Zat has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
Zat in dismay.
Pootooloo has killed Plitzcaia in self defence!
"Ack! I'm humiliated in front of all!," explains Plitzcaia.
The Red Dragon has killed Paladiamors!
Johnny got laid by Oki!
Johnny has been killed by Corinthian Giant!
"You have not seen the last of me, Corinthian Giant!," Johnny threatens.
Flaming Moe got kicked in the groin by Violet!
Flaming Moe has died in his sleep!
Sandman got laid by Zat!
Sandman has been killed by Black Unicorn!
Halder laughs at Sandman's plight.
Soaker got laid by SmusH!
Skaka has been killed by White Bear Of Lore!
"Ack! I was under the impression I was invincible. I suppose I was wrong,"
Skaka admits.
Soaker has killed AgraSantos!
"Yeow! My sword is hot today!," Soaker states.
Soaker has been killed by Massive Dinosaur!
"You never think it can happen to you...Then WHAM!," explains Soaker.
The Red Dragon has killed ECUpirate05!
Radonfort got laid by Argon!
Radonfort & ClintBeastwood had an uneventful online duel.
Jase has beaten Aladdin!
Jase has beaten Prince Caspian!
Vlad has been killed by King Vidion!
"How many of you King Vidions live in that forest anyway?!,"
Vlad ponders.
Jase has beaten Gandalf!
Jase has beaten Turgon!
He has become the Ultimate Warrior!
Jase has killed ClintBeastwood in an Online Duel!
The Red Dragon has killed Radonfort!
The Red Dragon has killed Jase!
/\/\oronis got laid by Lord Rikochete!
/\/\oronis got laid by Johnny!
/\/\oronis has beaten Sparhawk!
Pootooloo has killed /\/\oronis in self defence!
/\/\oronis sobs uncontrollably.
Sleepy(Sheep) got laid by RAM!
Sleepy(Sheep) has been killed by Corinthian Giant!
Mr. T pities dat Sleepy(Sheep) sucka.
Chris Watts has killed LrdNosferatu!
LrdNosferatu sobs uncontrollably.
Chris Watts has been killed by Shogun Warrior!
Shogun Warrior carefully burys Chris Watts.
River has been killed by Sweet Looking Little Girl!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," River challenges.
Howitzer has killed Snort!
"The only reason you won was because I wasn't feeling well!," whines
Howitzer has been killed by ShadowStormWarrior!
"I feel ill," elucidates Howitzer.
Dr. Paxl has killed Pootooloo!
"Well, my horoscope DID say there would be a great change in my life..."
SmusH got laid by Soaker!
SmusH has been killed by The Wizard Of Darkness!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," SmusH challenges.