Lord Time
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Round 40   Day 4

Fire Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
6FTpink dragon15,98751 daysDead
12TTaz5,91251 daysDead
16TMischiefTMaker4,14651 daysDead
17Tb-rar4,05541 daysDead
18TDamaged3,61841 daysDead
19TRasputin3,37841 daysDead
22TJuan Julio3,0424TodayDead
25TCampnala2,66141 daysDead
26Mbenzol2,60641 daysDead
28DBaldwin2,01241 daysDead
29TSir Strayveange1,87441 daysDead
30TOzKartheGrouCh1,79541 daysDead
31FTTeeSee1,65342 daysDead
32TAmbidextrious Jazz1,65231 daysDead
35TKingHenry81,39741 daysDead
36FTRunny Nose1,32321 daysAlive
37FMThoph, Jethy's BFF1,31741 daysDead
38Draign1,26541 daysDead
39MMr. Buhnie1,14431 daysDead
40TBograt1,09831 daysDead
41MPhred Dobbs1,0654TodayDead
43FTCaterer76631 daysDead
44TTWDODD73921 daysAlive
45FTGoblin Slayer70831 daysDead
46FTECUpirate0566031 daysDead
47DTam56431 daysDead
48Donryou54221 daysDead
49THottFuzz53831 daysDead
50TPrince Canada49431 daysDead
51FDPurgatory47522 daysDead
52TDown Under Rooster47321 daysDead
53MMr. Esquire44421 daysDead
54FTMoravian43822 daysAlive
55TCoolio42232 daysDead
57FTTheLadyWhispers37621 daysAlive
58MMatt-1061137221 daysAlive
59FMRUM36431 daysDead
60FTSir Wesley36321 daysAlive
61Tkentie35622 daysDead
62TScramble30721 daysAlive
63FDRoast Beef Labia29621 daysDead
64FMROM24221 daysDead
65Tgrannychinchips22511 daysDead
66FTcowmanchu21121 daysDead
67TLord Rikochete21111 daysAlive
68DRobit20722 daysAlive
69FTUsurper17723 daysAlive
70MRedWine12223 daysUndead
71Talfalfa11421 daysDead
72DDragon Slayer11113 daysAlive
73TSmoke10813 daysUndead
74Mswerve9511 daysAlive
75TRaisinBLood9012 daysDead
76TOlu8913 daysUndead
77MRaistlin8611 daysDead
78FTMarty8513 daysUndead
80FDThe Red Dragon291TodayDead
The Daily Happenings....
The town is in grief. Several children didn't come home today.
Buhnie got laid by HottFuzz!
Buhnie got laid by Mr. Buhnie!
Paladiamors has killed Argon!
"I wish I'd never been born!," rants Argon.
Paladiamors has beaten Olodrin!
Buhnie has killed Paladiamors!
"If you were a fruit, you would be a crab-apple!, Buhnie!,"
Paladiamors mutters.
Buhnie has beaten Olodrin!
Buhnie has killed Campnala!
Buhnie laughs.
Buhnie has killed benzol!
"This is a lesson to all others, for I am the baddest mofo in the land."
RAM has killed Buhnie!
"RAM must have been using JENNIE codes. CHEATER!"
Buhnie cries bitterly.
RAM has beaten Olodrin!
RAM has beaten Sandtiger!
RAM has killed Oki!
"If I ever see you in this town again, I'll whup ya again!,"
Radonfort has beaten Olodrin!
Radonfort has been killed by Silent Death!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
Radonfort in dismay.
Phred Dobbs has beaten Aragorn!
Evangeline got laid by Bograt!
Evangeline has killed Phred Dobbs in an Online Duel!
Evangeline has killed Sir Strayveange!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," Evangeline promises.
Evangeline & Snort had an uneventful online duel.
Plitzcaia has beaten Aragorn!
Plitzcaia has been killed by Huge Black Bear!
"I think I'm going to be sick," Plitzcaia moans pitifully.
Robbedigital has beaten Olodrin!
Robbedigital has killed RAM!
"GRNOG BASH RAM! Cut off their manhood and feed it to goats!"
Haupia got laid by Down Under Rooster!
Haupia has beaten Olodrin!
Haupia has killed Evangeline!
"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," Haupia yells.
Ember has beaten Aragorn!
Robbedigital has killed Shqiptar in self defence!
Robbedigital smiles. "You are too slow. You are too stupid."
Amadeus got laid by Argon!
Amadeus has killed Howitzer!
"If you were a fruit, you would be a crab-apple!, Amadeus!,"
Howitzer mutters.
Amadeus has killed Ember!
"You, Amadeus, are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
Sleepy(Sheep) has killed Robbedigital!
"Yikes! You're such an ass!," shrieks Robbedigital.
Sleepy(Sheep) has killed Haupia!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," Sleepy(Sheep) promises.
Argon got laid by Amadeus!
Argon has killed Sleepy(Sheep)!
"Your time will come, Argon, I swear!" Sleepy(Sheep) cries.
Argon has beaten Sandtiger!
Sandman got laid by Keu!
Sandman has killed Amadeus!
Sandman does a little dance over Amadeus's grave.
Jessrond got laid by Oki!
Jessrond has killed Sandman!
"Level 3 is terrible, why remain there?" moans Jessrond.
Jessrond has killed raign!
"Your nothing but an overgrown catfish, Jessrond," admonishes
Strider has beaten Barak!
Keu got laid by Sandman!
AgraSantos has killed Jessrond!
"I don't usually swear...but...TORAKS TOOTH!," swears Jessrond.
AgraSantos has killed Argon!
"I don't usually swear...but...TORAKS TOOTH!," swears Argon.
Keu has killed Strider!
"I wasn't ready!," Strider screams.
AgraSantos has killed Keu!
"I wish I'd never been born!," rants Keu.
AgraSantos has killed Juan Julio in self defence!
"Um..AgraSantos old pal...Since when were you stronger than me?,"
Juan Julio inquires.
The Red Dragon has been killed by Bran The Warrior!
The banker is already looking for The Red Dragon's next of kin.
Oki got laid by Jessrond!
Carrotcake got laid by Ambidextrious Jazz!
Carrotcake has beaten Aragorn!
Oki has killed AgraSantos!
"My goodness. I do believe I'm dead." AgraSantos realizes.
Snort has killed Carrotcake in self defence!
"YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR FIRSTBORN, Snort," utters Carrotcake.