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Round 39   Day 48

Forest Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
12,997,82612 M TTodayDead
1,6534 M TTodayDead
8,568,5509 MTodayDead
2,147,7248 T2 daysDead
56,9796 TTodayDead
56,3176 T2 daysDead
7FMGoblin Cox
55,5267 M T3 daysDead
4,7665 TTodayDead
4,7525 TTodayDead
3,7664 T1 daysDead
3102 T1 daysDead
18,171,02912 MTodayDead
14,089,35712 T1 daysDead
14MKing Crimson
13,742,67612 T1 daysDead
12,218,82012 TTodayDead
11,234,86211 TTodayDead
8,702,32511 T2 daysDead
315,5768 TTodayDead
292,3038 TTodayDead
247,6058 TNow (14:29)Alive
191,0248 TTodayDead
101,6596 TTodayDead
24FTpink dragon
98,9506 TTodayDead
25T~PoRN STaR~
66,7267 TTodayDead
6,6625 TTodayDead
8383 M1 daysDead
2011 T1 daysAlive
30TDragon Slayer44,215,15112TodayDead
31FTRunny Nose42,887,61612 T1 daysDead
32MStrider29,731,99710 TTodayDead
33DTWDODD29,534,09710 TTodayDead
34FMLeaky Anal Glands23,813,07612 M1 daysDead
36TLord Pegasus19,904,51712 TTodayDead
38MTrash Panda16,479,01912 T1 daysDead
39TSir Strayveange15,857,38012 T1 daysDead
40TDemon_XvI14,881,31111 T2 daysDead
41TBograt14,774,76512 T1 daysDead
42FTTheLadyWhispers14,437,47012 T1 daysDead
43MLord Rikochete12,614,63210 MTodayDead
46FTMiss Anthropic11,270,62612 TTodayDead
47FT1 2 10 Sarah10,560,98712 T2 daysDead
48TDamaged8,671,07712 T3 daysAlive
50DTricky Dick6,417,29811TodayDead
52TRedWine5,143,606113 daysDead
53TMontresor4,972,36311 TTodayDead
54DAZRAEL4,533,014101 daysDead
55FTSir Wesley4,531,55111 TTodayDead
56Mswerve4,297,203111 daysDead
58DLuciferian3,945,278111 daysDead
59MThe Red Dragon2,947,617106 daysUndead
60FTLADY STEPHIE2,362,337101 daysDead
61FTMoravian2,083,209112 daysDead
62MLORD_CZ1,434,473101 daysDead
63Talfalfa430,97081 daysDead
64Tgrannychinchips312,7437 TTodayDead
65Dnatas296,54261 daysDead
68THornady108,28681 daysDead
69FTcowmanchu81,29183 daysDead
70DCoconut258,32071 daysDead
71Tlofigirl8,66952 daysDead
72Donryou7,21341 daysDead
73MQuapple2,70843 daysDead
75TMaster Josh82832 daysDead
76FTElena The Pure5683TodayDead
77FMPancakeFlipper230621 daysDead
78DRobbedigital26324 daysDead
79TPrince Canada11521 daysDead
80TLancelot4210813 daysAlive
81Tjohnathan10411 daysDead
82TSir Bork9917 daysDead
83MShmibo3617 daysDead
84DRedWing391417 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
A small girl was missing today.
Montresor walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Cel has beaten Barak!
Cel has killed Plitzcaia!
Cel sticks Plitzcaia's head on a stick for all to see.
Cel has killed Campnala!
"Your nothing but an overgrown catfish, Cel," admonishes
Cel has beaten Aragorn!
Cel has beaten Olodrin!
Strider Got laid by Violet!
Strider has killed Montresor!
"I don't usually swear...but...TORAKS TOOTH!," swears Montresor.
Minx got laid by ~PoRN STaR~!
Minx has killed Cel!
"This means WAR!," Cel shouts savagely.
Minx has beaten Olodrin!
Strider has died in his sleep!
natas has killed Minx in self defence!
"Ack! I'm humiliated in front of all!," explains Minx.
~PoRN STaR~ got laid by Minx!
~PoRN STaR~ has beaten Sparhawk!
alfalfa has killed ~PoRN STaR~ in self defence!
alfalfa laughs. "I don't think you will be attacking me again, pal."
The Red Dragon has killed Dragon Slayer!
Snort has killed natas!
"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," Snort yells.
Snort has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Miss Anthropic agrees to have dinner with Lord Pegasus!
Miss Anthropic got laid by Paladiamors!
Miss Anthropic has been killed by Cyclops Warrior!
Halder laughs at Miss Anthropic's plight.
alfalfa has killed Snort in self defence!
"Um..alfalfa old pal...Since when were you stronger than me?,"
Snort inquires.
TheBarbieGiggles got laid by Taz!
TheBarbieGiggles has killed cowmanchu!
"cowmanchu is a girlie-man!" taunts TheBarbieGiggles.
Howitzer has been killed by Corinthian Giant!
Corinthian Giant carefully burys Howitzer.
Xenon has beaten Aladdin!
Xenon has killed alfalfa!
"Wow, I'm screwed," alfalfa realizes.
Xenon has killed TheBarbieGiggles!
"Holy Moly! You're such an ass!," shrieks TheBarbieGiggles.
The Red Dragon has killed Sleepy(Sheep)!
Lord Pegasus has been killed by Corinthian Giant!
"You are definitely stronger than you look, Corinthian Giant," Lord Pegasus admits.
Keu has beaten Barak!
Keu has killed MischiefTMaker!
MischiefTMaker cries bitterly. "I thought you were my friend!"
Keu has killed PancakeFlipper2!
"GRNOG BASH PancakeFlipper2! Cut off their manhood and feed it to goats!"
Keu has beaten Aragorn!
Keu has killed Bubble!
"*scoff* The NERVE!" Bubble screams.
Rizzen has been killed by King Vidion!
King Vidion devours Rizzen raw.
Scramble has killed Keu!
"Keu is a girlie-man!" taunts Scramble.
Sandman got laid by Keu!
Sandman got laid by Keu!
Sandman got laid by Keu!
Baldwin has died in his sleep!
Tam has killed Quapple!
"At least I have honor, something you cannot say, Tam,"
Quapple rebukes.
Tam has beaten Olodrin!
RAM got laid by Sleepy(Sheep)!
RAM has beaten Halder!
RAM has beaten Barak!
RAM has beaten Aragorn!
RAM has killed Tam!
"I don't usually swear...but...TORAKS TOOTH!," swears Tam.
RAM has beaten Olodrin!
Sandman has killed RAM in self defence!
Sandman smiles. "You are too slow. You are too stupid."
pink dragon has beaten Sandtiger!
pink dragon has killed Sandman!
pink dragon laughs.
Elena The Pure has beaten Barak!
Buhnie has been killed by Corinthian Giant!
Corinthian Giant carefully burys Buhnie.
Lord Rikochete Got laid by Violet!
Lord Rikochete has killed Xenon!
Lord Rikochete does a little dance over Xenon's grave.
Lord Rikochete has killed Elena The Pure!
Lord Rikochete kicks Elena The Pure one more time for good measure.
Zoi has killed Lord Rikochete!
"If you were a fruit, you would be a crab-apple!, Zoi!,"
Lord Rikochete mutters.
Zoi has beaten Prince Caspian!
Zoi has killed RedWine!
"Zoi must have been using JENNIE codes. CHEATER!"
RedWine cries bitterly.
Zoi has beaten Gandalf!
Zoi has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
Zoi has been killed by Cyclops Warrior!
"I am SO mad I could slice you in two!," Zoi screams.
Zjhitni has killed Sir Wesley!
"And don't you EVER come 'round here again!," Zjhitni warns.
b-rar has been killed by ShadowStormWarrior!
"You never think it can happen to you...Then WHAM!," explains b-rar.
Zjhitni has died in his sleep!
Plitzcaia has beaten Olodrin!
TWDODD has died in his sleep!
Plitzcaia has killed pink dragon!
"Aww yeeeah, I'm the man!," Plitzcaia states, while dancing around.
Plitzcaia has beaten Sandtiger!
ECUpirate05 has killed Plitzcaia!
Plitzcaia's ashen white face is mud splattered.
ECUpirate05 has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
ECUpirate05 has killed Goblin Cox!
"Oh man..I should've stayed in bed today...," moans Goblin Cox.
ECUpirate05 Got laid by Seth Able!
OzKartheGrouCh has been killed by Sheena The Shapechanger!
"I'LL BE BACK!," swears OzKartheGrouCh.
Tricky Dick has been killed by Shogun Warrior!
"You are definitely stronger than you look, Shogun Warrior," Tricky Dick admits.
Paladiamors's fairy escapes.
Violet has refused to marry Paladiamors!
The Red Dragon has killed Paladiamors!
Snowfrog Got laid by Violet!
Snowfrog has been killed by Madman!
"How many of you Madmans live in that forest anyway?!,"
Snowfrog ponders.
Raign has been killed by White Bear Of Lore!
Raign's entrails are littering the forest.
grannychinchips has killed ECUpirate05 in self defence!
"YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR FIRSTBORN, grannychinchips," utters ECUpirate05.
Taz got laid by TheBarbieGiggles!
Taz has been killed by King Vidion!
King Vidion devours Taz raw.
/\/\oronis got laid by ECUpirate05!
/\/\oronis has killed grannychinchips!
"This means WAR!," grannychinchips shouts savagely.
/\/\oronis has beaten Atsuko Sensei!