Lord Time
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Round 32   Day 8

Forest Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
1TJohn C Calhoun877,5287TodayDead
4FTIthy616,1108Now (10:33)Alive
6TCurtis Archibald555,9518TodayDead
7MLance Uppercut472,3506TodayDead
10FTForgot to Play411,11181 daysDead
11TKing Crimson314,34661 daysDead
16FTpink dragon170,4827TodayDead
17TStarLord170,44871 daysDead
20MSleepy(Sheep)135,30081 daysDead
22Mprintemps89,2897Now (10:30)Alive
25FTCharlizeSumner77,38461 daysDead
28FDPurple Unicorn60,0375TodayDead
29MDark Mickie59,1447TodayDead
31DGurney Gunk Punk44,5686TodayDead
32TSir Studley39,9927TodayDead
33DTwo Digit Gidget37,6477TodayDead
34DJeffrey the Dude34,5747TodayDead
35TFatty Acid34,4476TodayDead
38TMr. Geake29,6806TodayDead
39FDTrunkie Booboocost28,0035TodayDead
40MTHADEUS STEVENS27,3466TodayDead
41DHorse mackeral23,3575TodayDead
42TMeat Suit22,26561 daysDead
43DPittJosh8120,24361 daysDead
45FTRunny Nose15,31741 daysDead
47M|Lam11,83361 daysDead
49Tasdf10,60252 daysDead
51FTSlut8,62452 daysDead
52TMaddog8,25752 daysDead
53TThird Day7,82551 daysDead
55DDonald Trump7,57251 daysDead
56FTShakira7,47941 daysDead
57Dbloodfart7,04543 daysDead
59FTJeannie C Riley4,84241 daysDead
60FTCalisto4,60852 daysDead
61TSub Zero4,5415TodayDead
63TStryder4,15052 daysDead
65Tekil3,90742 daysDead
66MFryguy3,81941 daysDead
67MG.I. Joe3,74452 daysDead
68TRuh-Rho3,57942 daysDead
71TBograt2,78131 daysDead
73THolden McGroin2,1743TodayAlive
76FDLee-Ann1,91041 daysDead
77TWishmaster1,73841 daysDead
78MSlamdunk Chunk1,4654TodayDead
80FMSummer Sanchez92741 daysDead
81TBorax78534 daysDead
82DSkullnar50222 daysDead
83TLoge48031 daysDead
84MMr. Mundungus43621 daysDead
85MSamanthaAxe13827 daysDead
86DJakhel7217 daysDead
87FMsand6717 daysDead
88FMArachneJ4511 daysDead
89DTempest616 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
Dragon sighting reported today by a drunken old man.
CrazyM has killed bloodfart!
bloodfart sobs uncontrollably.
CrazyM has beaten Olodrin!
Sabaron has killed CrazyM!
"You're a loser. You will always be a loser,"
Sabaron informs CrazyM.
Cel has killed Bagheera1973!
Cel laughs.
Sabaron has killed StarLord!
"Yeow! My sword is hot today!," Sabaron states.
Sabaron has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Sabaron has killed Cel!
"Oh man..I should've stayed in bed today...," moans Cel.
Jeffrey the Dude got laid by pink dragon!
SA22C has killed Summer Sanchez!
Summer Sanchez sobs uncontrollably.
SA22C has beaten Aragorn!
Fatty Acid has killed Tempest!
"You, Fatty Acid, are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
Jeffrey the Dude has been killed by Swiss Butcher!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
Jeffrey the Dude in dismay.
POOP has beaten Sandtiger!
Fatty Acid has killed SA22C!
"Aww yeeeah, I'm the man!," Fatty Acid states, while dancing around.
POOP has killed Fatty Acid!
Fatty Acid sobs uncontrollably.
Sabaron has killed POOP in self defence!
POOP sobs uncontrollably.
Jaydub has beaten Sparhawk!
Jaydub has killed Sabaron!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," Sabaron says tearfully.
Sandman got laid by Keu!
Sandman has killed Jaydub!
Jaydub cries bitterly. "I thought you were my friend!"
tuuv has beaten Aragorn!
Scramble has killed Sandman!
"You have NO right to that, Scramble!," Sandman whines.
Crowbeak has been killed by Massive Dinosaur!
"You never think it can happen to you...Then WHAM!," explains Crowbeak.
Sub Zero has beaten Olodrin!
ZoSo has killed DragonMan!
"I wasn't ready!," DragonMan screams.
Purple Unicorn got laid by Jaydub!
Purple Unicorn got laid by ZoSo!
Purple Unicorn has killed Polonius!
"Wow, I'm screwed," Polonius realizes.
Purple Unicorn has killed Scramble!
"Defeat me, will ya? I have friends in this world!," squeals Scramble.
Keu has killed Bagheera1973!
Bagheera1973 sobs uncontrollably.
Sicktious has beaten Aragorn!
Curtis Archibald has killed ZoSo!
ZoSo cries bitterly. "I thought you were my friend!"
Curtis Archibald has killed Keu!
"Yikes! You're such an ass!," shrieks Keu.
Curtis Archibald has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Xenon got laid by Nasalingus!
Xenon got laid by King Crimson!
Xenon has killed Kinky!
"Wow, I'm screwed," Kinky realizes.
Xenon has killed Curtis Archibald!
Curtis Archibald's scream as he falls is heard all over the realm.
Dark Mickie has killed Sicktious!
"Defeat me, will ya? I have friends in this world!," squeals Sicktious.
Dark Mickie has beaten Sparhawk!
Slamdunk Chunk has beaten Aragorn!
Nasalingus has killed Purple Unicorn!
Nasalingus sticks Purple Unicorn's head on a stick for all to see.
Baldwin has beaten Olodrin!
Nasalingus has killed ReamMySeam!
"How dare you presume to strike ME, Nasalingus,"
ReamMySeam screams.
Nasalingus has beaten Sparhawk!
TurkeyTits has killed Sub Zero!
"I wish I'd never been born!," rants Sub Zero.
Gurney Gunk Punk got kicked in the groin by Violet!
b-rar has killed Dark Mickie!
Dark Mickie cries bitterly. "I thought you were my friend!"
Gurney Gunk Punk has killed Baldwin!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," Baldwin says tearfully.
b-rar has killed Tam!
"Aww yeeeah, I'm the man!," b-rar states, while dancing around.
Gurney Gunk Punk has killed TurkeyTits!
"If you were a fruit, you would be a crab-apple!, Gurney Gunk Punk!,"
TurkeyTits mutters.
TheLadyWhispers got laid by Sandman!
TheLadyWhispers got laid by Crowbeak!
Nasalingus has killed Gurney Gunk Punk in self defence!
"Um..Nasalingus old pal...Since when were you stronger than me?,"
Gurney Gunk Punk inquires.
Nasalingus has killed brrshup in self defence!
Nasalingus laughs. "I don't think you will be attacking me again, pal."
TheLadyWhispers has killed Nasalingus!
"I hope the ivy grows around your rotting body, Nasalingus,"
pink dragon got laid by Sicktious!
pink dragon got laid by Jeffrey the Dude!
pink dragon has beaten Sparhawk!
pink dragon has killed TheLadyWhispers!
pink dragon does a little dance over TheLadyWhispers's grave.
Xenon has killed pink dragon in self defence!
"Haw! Haw! I told you to run!," laughs Xenon.
Two Digit Gidget got laid by Xenon!
Two Digit Gidget has beaten Sparhawk!
Two Digit Gidget has been killed by Night Hawk!
Two Digit Gidget's entrails are littering the forest.
EasyRider has been killed by Swiss Butcher!
"You are definitely stronger than you look, Swiss Butcher," EasyRider admits.
b-rar has killed Horse mackeral in self defence!
"Um..b-rar old pal...Since when were you stronger than me?,"
Horse mackeral inquires.
John C Calhoun has killed Xenon!
Xenon's scream as he falls is heard all over the realm.
John C Calhoun has killed b-rar!
"Well, my horoscope DID say there would be a great change in my life..."
Lance Uppercut has beaten Sandtiger!
Lance Uppercut has killed John C Calhoun!
"Yeow! My sword is hot today!," Lance Uppercut states.
Mr. Geake has beaten Sandtiger!
Trunkie Booboocost got laid by TurkeyTits!
Trunkie Booboocost got laid by Curtis Archibald!
Trunkie Booboocost got laid by TurkeyTits!
Holden McGroin has beaten Barak!
Trunkie Booboocost has killed Mr. Geake!
"The Gods have deserted me!!," Mr. Geake insists.
Trunkie Booboocost has killed LevetS!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," LevetS says tearfully.
THADEUS STEVENS has killed tuuv!
THADEUS STEVENS does a little dance over tuuv's grave.
THADEUS STEVENS has killed Slamdunk Chunk!
Sir Studley & Trunkie Booboocost had an uneventful online duel.
THADEUS STEVENS has beaten Sandtiger!
THADEUS STEVENS has killed Trunkie Booboocost!
"You, THADEUS STEVENS, are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
Trunkie Booboocost.
Sir Studley has killed THADEUS STEVENS!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," Sir Studley promises.
Sir Studley has beaten Sparhawk!
Sir Studley has been killed by Swiss Butcher!
Swiss Butcher carefully burys Sir Studley.
HomeyG has killed Lance Uppercut!
HomeyG laughs.
Gollum has killed HomeyG in self defence!
"Haw! Haw! I told you to run!," laughs Gollum.
Ithy got laid by Sabaron!
Ithy has killed Gollum!
"Gollum is a girlie-man!" taunts Ithy.
printemps walks out of the forest acting chipper!