Lord Time
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Round 26   Day 9

Forest Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
1TAgraSantos410,14981 daysDead
2Tb-rar281,52171 daysDead
3FTKeu276,19881 daysDead
4THomeyG206,99571 daysDead
5FDAutumn173,47381 daysAlive
6TKing Crimson142,90461 daysDead
7DJessrond128,92571 daysDead
9TChrono0066,80471 daysDead
10FMLettuce53,63771 daysDead
11FTpink dragon52,13271 daysDead
12FTFelatrix Divine29,68061 daysAlive
13TDasher28,79252 daysDead
14TAristodemos26,83853 daysDead
15TAreoc25,59762 daysDead
16FTDeath Warrior23,8816TodayDead
17FTWillow19,96661 daysDead
18TWeasel18,66651 daysDead
19FMPumpkin17,01161 daysDead
20DKingKrimson14,54252 daysDead
21DSnek11,98952 daysDead
22Tfauxtomato10,39561 daysDead
23TStymie10,23351 daysDead
24FTDixie Wexworth9,35341 daysDead
25FTBoobsie8,69551 daysDead
26MLeonKnights8,39641 daysDead
27DDalamar7,33351 daysDead
28DStryder6,37551 daysDead
29TLucian4,90541 daysDead
30FTFury4,69953 daysDead
31TMudduck4,65341 daysDead
32FDCalisto4,34051 daysDead
33DSlappy3,88741 daysAlive
34DBEEPBEEP3,32841 daysDead
35DFade2,45743 daysAlive
36DRobbedigital1,61241 daysDead
37DRobertA1,54841 daysDead
38TProfessor1,48741 daysDead
39FTVictoria1,35441 daysDead
40FDGiggles1,30542 daysDead
41DJimJam85731 daysDead
42Twykid one56011 daysAlive
43TMORG37421 daysAlive
44TCheesebo26013 daysAlive
45DFootMaster25525 daysDead
46THuevos Grande19913 daysAlive
47FMButter18626 daysAlive
48MSteve the Wizard9218 daysAlive
49TDae7318 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
Despair covers the land - more bloody remains have been found today.
Sandman has killed Aristodemos!
"You have NO right to that, Sandman!," Aristodemos whines.
Sandman has beaten Sandtiger!
Sandman has beaten Sparhawk!
Sandman has been killed by Swiss Butcher!
The banker is already looking for Sandman's next of kin.
Death Warrior has killed Fury!
"And don't you EVER come 'round here again!," Death Warrior warns.
Autumn has killed Death Warrior in self defence!
"YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR FIRSTBORN, Autumn," utters Death Warrior.