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Round 29   Day 32

River Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
1MNot A Bot
5,310,75210 TTodayDead
181,4027 TTodayDead
52,3147 T1 daysDead
21,7266 TTodayDead
8,8915 TTodayDead
8,8245 T2 daysDead
4,7084 T1 daysDead
10TGrieg61,895,42310 TTodayAlive
11MFirewater58,129,08012 T1 daysDead
12FMDeath Warrior56,427,54512 TTodayDead
13DGary44,207,16911 T1 daysDead
14THolden Magroyn38,733,03312TodayDead
15DWolf38,086,64711 T1 daysDead
16TSnuffer32,411,04112 T1 daysDead
17Tb-rar24,474,28812 T1 daysDead
18FMChrono0021,181,26612 T1 daysDead
19TSnort19,909,60712 T1 daysDead
20TSandman19,560,68712 TTodayDead
21DBigwig18,926,56611D1 daysDead
22THomeyG18,624,40712 T1 daysDead
23DDasher18,140,83512D1 daysDead
24TFade17,815,515121 daysDead
26TDalamar14,437,455121 daysDead
27FDPumpkin14,006,235121 daysDead
28FTLouise10,661,58112 T1 daysDead
29TSpiderman9,569,91710 T1 daysDead
30FTRunny Nose8,960,38210 T1 daysDead
31FMYngwie7,625,92711 MTodayDead
32DitchyScratchy7,515,798101 daysDead
35DGreyclaw6,752,619111 daysDead
36FMWillow6,025,76291 daysDead
37Tblarn5,322,73311 T1 daysDead
38TXavier StCloud4,439,9148TodayDead
40DMaarko3,690,5711013 daysDead
41MStorm3,455,455111 daysDead
42MGoglis3,292,639118 daysDead
43FMAutumn3,157,23392 daysDead
45DHoward2,486,930101 daysDead
46TDEalnDdreaD2,486,474102 daysDead
47TPegasus2,414,95171 daysDead
48Tsquid2,350,2107 T1 daysDead
49FTXena1,555,37172 daysDead
50DMadDog1,472,101101 daysDead
51DmeGalodOn1,277,145101 daysDead
52FMpink dragon836,82591 daysDead
53TSnek810,22491 daysDead
54Ddaybreaker779,53691 daysDead
55FDChuckle748,751102 daysDead
56MMudduck707,43082 daysDead
57TStryder702,70092 daysDead
58MBoneheadj688,91491 daysDead
59TGershon01490,96981 daysDead
61TThe Bureaucrat283,5158TodayDead
63TKingDingaLing243,76882 daysDead
64FTSnatch233,72485 daysDead
65MWeasel128,08686 daysDead
66FTCalisto103,60182 daysDead
68DKrull85,28771 daysDead
69DG.I. Joe65,72771 daysDead
70FTYaviel50,74971 daysDead
71MDr. Death48,24965 daysDead
72DLink38,43262 daysDead
73DCureator37,899711 daysDead
74DKamikazi Kamper20,49262 daysDead
75FTWhisp17,97265 daysDead
76MBatman17,82663 daysDead
77TLord COVID-1914,84151 daysDead
78Msudden_violence9,51166 daysDead
79TChosenOneRiv8,31752 daysDead
80MLord Rikochete7,75941 daysAlive
81MMoravian5,63857 daysDead
82FDSky_revenant4,49152 daysDead
83Tmurry3,443514 daysDead
84MALIAS3,21642 daysDead
86DCobra1,41227 daysDead
87Dcyndi97237 daysDead
88FDFart Spray86336 daysAlive
90DJorin58932 daysAlive
91FDBalido57921 daysAlive
93FMAunEgg33021 daysAlive
94DStrathos214214 daysDead
95DSir Lord Kai19828 daysDead
96DGaeaeb18021 daysDead
97FMXofia165213 daysDead
98THeist Monkey1641TodayDead
99Tswaggy c15428 daysDead
100FTBomania11411 daysDead
101MXerglok96111 daysDead
102TKylon8811 daysDead
103DLightster8118 daysDead
104Dblasto6816 daysDead
105DNamelok4211 daysDead
106DSextus3912 daysDead
107MKeras2214 daysDead
108DTristan1714 daysDead
109DMatlock13111 daysDead
110Dsureal8081011 daysDead
111DTazrej7114 daysDead
112Mtouhy5113 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
A small girl was missing today.
Fizzman has killed Weasel!
"I wish I'd never been born!," rants Weasel.
Fizzman has beaten Gandalf!
COVID got kicked in the groin by Violet!
chftw has killed Batman!
"You're a loser. You will always be a loser,"
chftw informs Batman.
chftw has killed sudden_violence!
"Your nothing but an overgrown catfish, chftw," admonishes
COVID has killed Spiderman!
"This is a lesson to all others, for I am the baddest mofo in the land."
COVID has beaten Turgon!
He has become the Ultimate Warrior!
Fizzman has been killed by Sheena The Shapechanger!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
Fizzman in dismay.
chftw has been killed by The Mighty Shadow!
"Damn, Damn, Damn!," chftw roars.
Sandman has killed Gaeaeb!
"The Gods have deserted me!!," Gaeaeb insists.
Sandman has killed blasto!
"I don't usually swear...but...TORAKS TOOTH!," swears blasto.
The Red Dragon has killed Sandman!
Gots2Bounce has beaten Halder!
Grieg has killed Willow!
"Oh don't get a big head, Grieg! You suck!," taunts Willow.
Xavier StCloud has killed squid!
"I wish I'd never been born!," rants squid.
Suga has beaten Barak!
Xavier StCloud has killed Drippy!
"My goodness. I do believe I'm dead." Drippy realizes.
KANANDO has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
KANANDO has killed Suga!
"GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, I'M GOOD!," cries KANANDO in delight.
Xavier StCloud has killed KANANDO in self defence!
"almost...." laughs KANANDO.
Death Warrior has been killed by The Mighty Shadow!
"You never think it can happen to you...Then WHAM!," explains Death Warrior.
Holden Magroyn has killed Yngwie!
"How dare you presume to strike ME, Holden Magroyn,"
Yngwie screams.
Holden Magroyn has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
Mr. T pities dat Holden Magroyn sucka.
The Bureaucrat walks out of the forest acting chipper!
The Bureaucrat Announces:
Hear ye! Hear ye! This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system.

Not A Bot has killed Xavier StCloud!
"Frooj" curses Not A Bot.
Not A Bot has killed AIDS!
"Dad's riiiide" curses Not A Bot.
Not A Bot has killed Heist Monkey!
"The only reason you won was because I wasn't feeling well!," whines
Heist Monkey.
Not A Bot has beaten Prince Caspian!
Not A Bot Announces:

COVID has killed Not A Bot in self defence!
"Keeya'h" curses Not A Bot.
jazmu got laid by Firewater!
jazmu has killed Lord COVID-19!
"Your time will come, jazmu, I swear!" Lord COVID-19 cries.
jazmu has killed RongXanh!
"You, jazmu, are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
jazmu has beaten Sparhawk!
jazmu has killed The Bureaucrat!
"Aww yeeeah, I'm the man!," jazmu states, while dancing around.
Bob has killed jazmu!
jazmu cries bitterly. "I don't know how, but you cheated!"
Bob has killed Keu in self defence!
Bob laughs. "I don't think you will be attacking me again, pal."
Ether got laid by Pegasus!
Ether got laid by The Bureaucrat!
Bob has killed Ether in self defence!
Bob smiles. "You are too slow. You are too stupid."
Fury has beaten Barak!
Fury has killed Warrior!
"Your time will come, Fury, I swear!" Warrior cries.
Fury has beaten Aragorn!