Lord Time
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Death Warrior
Round 27   Day 32

River Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
88,342,11010 T1 daysDead
75,650,38612 T1 daysDead
104,6847 T1 daysDead
34,6746 T1 daysDead
2,1694D1 daysDead
6TChrono00157,821,81311 T1 daysDead
7Dpike154,992,835111 daysDead
8MSuperman146,916,17811 MNow (0:39)Alive
9MFirewater112,130,2419 T1 daysDead
10TMORG68,545,487121 daysDead
11FTDeath Warrior66,128,59211Now (0:39)Alive
12MDasher60,982,551111 daysDead
13FTKelsi Monroe60,786,97710 M1 daysDead
14TAlfalfa60,212,743101 daysDead
15THomeyG57,428,57112 T1 daysDead
16FDAutumn56,614,079121 daysDead
17FTpink dragon44,985,00912 T1 daysDead
18FTLleria44,232,831102 daysDead
19DLeonKnights41,479,669101 daysDead
20TPyneagan38,279,349119 daysAlive
21TSandman36,044,45612 TTodayDead
22TLucian26,831,26611 T1 daysDead
23FTnoobie23,516,76512 T1 daysDead
24DRodionische23,056,408121 daysDead
25TMudduck22,018,09991 daysDead
26TSnek17,905,568121 daysDead
27FDWillow17,063,699121 daysDead
28Mfauxtomato16,872,27712 T1 daysDead
29DDalamar16,131,348122 daysDead
30FTLouise14,717,999101 daysDead
31FDFury13,353,674121 daysDead
32DAbdul O'Bacon12,781,62598 daysDead
33FTLettuce12,656,97112 T1 daysDead
34DFade11,966,950121 daysDead
35TEunuch11,448,31311 T14 daysDead
36FTKelly Kapowski6,130,05381 daysDead
37TRygore5,498,63499 daysAlive
38MLancelotTN5,209,986103 daysAlive
39DRobbedigital3,764,657101 daysDead
40MWeasel3,713,85991 daysDead
41MKing In Yellow1,105,299102 daysDead
43MStryder653,47391 daysDead
44FMCalisto623,34191 daysDead
45TJohn Lee Malvo519,453911 daysDead
46DBigwig322,21681 daysDead
47DBjjjjjjj246,64586 daysDead
48TWarrior185,31981 daysAlive
49Tmujo99,8458 T1 daysDead
50Dfooberer73,76176 daysDead
51Dsidewinder52,03871 daysAlive
52TGlamboy22,80463 daysAlive
53FTRispah20,15821 daysAlive
54THRPuffnstuff20,12261 daysDead
55TLicky20,03963 daysAlive
56DSubspace15,207612 daysAlive
58DKrull5,37942 daysDead
59TIntractable5,33751 daysDead
61DDaemonus3,92838 daysDead
62DJimJam3,12141 daysDead
63DRobertA1,68741 daysDead
64TPegases1,67142 daysDead
65DTbaggins93231 daysAlive
66FTGiggles90442 daysDead
67DLazlo37724 daysDead
68FDalyssa35521 daysDead
69DZeto257210 daysDead
70FMbatman225211 daysDead
71DMorte11729 daysAlive
72Dhello-internet101110 daysAlive
73DFriskyDingo101212 daysAlive
74Devildad98211 daysDead
75DDiomedes9619 daysAlive
76Dgooberpeas8713 daysDead
77DRyxtek73111 daysDead
78TPleaidian73213 daysDead
79FMZeek7119 daysAlive
80Tsnarf67111 daysDead
81DPrime57114 daysDead
82DFootMaster3315 daysDead
83TTrylian20111 daysDead
84Mshelbyhacker1319 daysAlive
85DTheButcher412 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
The town is in grief. Several children didn't come home today.
Sandman walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Sandman has beaten Gandalf!
Sandman has beaten Turgon!
He has become the Ultimate Warrior!
Sandman walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Sandman has been killed by Cyclops Warrior!
"You got lucky, Cyclops Warrior!," Sandman declares.
CyberOptik has beaten Olodrin!
Subspace has killed CyberOptik in self defence!
"dammit i fucked up" CyberOptik declares sadly.
dr.p has killed gooberpeas!
"yoink" laughs dr.p.
comma8 has killed Bjjjjjjj!
"If I ever see you in this town again, I'll whup ya again!,"
dr.p has beaten Sandtiger!
comma8 has killed fooberer!
"Sorry" laughs comma8.
Subspace has killed dr.p in self defence!
"dammmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt" screams dr.p in anger.
Death Warrior has beaten Gandalf!
Superman has beaten Gandalf!
Rygore has killed comma8 in self defence!
"Thank you" laughs comma8.