Lord Time
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Round 40   Day 12

River Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
12FTpink dr@gon3,852,1577TodayDead
20TRightOn1,407,99582 daysDead
22TPrince Canada1,159,9028TodayDead
28TCironnu Greyblade677,2449TodayDead
29FTWesley607,10991 daysDead
32THungry433,55582 daysDead
33TPaleRider419,54081 daysDead
37MPink Dragon221,2508TodayDead
40DFromunda Cheese195,38581 daysDead
44FTDance With Me107,2888TodayDead
49MBiffo Again71,7387TodayDead
54Tbenzol55,85671 daysDead
56THard Harry50,6977TodayDead
60DFrag Bait41,4117TodayDead
62TSrWong39,24563 daysDead
66DSuhail Ali Syed32,3196TodayDead
69TMr. Esquire30,5326TodayDead
72DGordon of Ramsey28,6706TodayDead
76FT3neeners13,23531 daysDead
77Ddavidkkaye12,54651 daysDead
78FMRunny Nose12,53741 daysDead
79Tcowmanchu10,75663 daysAlive
82FTMoravian9,58854 daysDead
83TPapaparakeet8,85963 daysDead
84TRaptor8,12351 daysDead
87DTheWolfe6,86856 daysDead
89FTSarah Toenin6,56845 daysDead
92MDoooom4,44952 daysDead
94TDa Killer3,4494TodayDead
95Mswerve2,99741 daysDead
97TSir Strayveange2,76943 daysDead
98THolden McCracken2,49344 daysDead
100DFjordStalker2,31332 daysDead
101DAZRAEL1,06843 daysDead
102MECUpirate20051,01133 daysAlive
103TSir Studley8312TodayAlive
105TSuper Ted7521TodayAlive
106MLORD_CZ72335 daysDead
107DShenodin68933 daysDead
108FTNatas57037 daysDead
109FTLADY_STEPHIE48934 daysDead
110DpuNDuKE48031 daysDead
111FTRiver40427 daysDead
112DMattDamon32521 daysAlive
113FTkon32025 daysDead
114MDrDiddles30836 daysDead
115Dthe2ndQT21712 daysDead
116T3 Kids In Disguise1492TodayDead
118FTKenny10417 daysAlive
120FTOlu9917 daysAlive
121FTAAron9917 daysAlive
122FDMittens9317 daysDead
124MGBaldor8927 daysDead
125Dmike8513 daysAlive
126FMNataN8217 daysAlive
127DDathan7814 daysDead
128FTCaret6317 daysAlive
129Mthejustinto5011 daysDead
130MCwiss Wock451TodayDead
131DDanleyJV4216 daysDead
132DSpydre3915 daysDead
133DBobob3317 daysDead
134TVoro1812 daysDead
137TBorb the Boblin613 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
More children are missing today.
Gimli has killed EverydayOutlaw!
"Mondays, am I right?" laughs Gimli.
Gimli has killed Bora!
"Ack! What a jealous person you've become, Gimli!,
Bora cries.
Gimli has beaten Sandtiger!
Elijah got laid by Soppis!
TWDODD has beaten Olodrin!
PaleRider has killed Elijah in self defence!
PaleRider laughs. "I don't think you will be attacking me again, pal."
PaleRider has killed Gimli in self defence!
"Calculated risk, but man am I bad at math. " moans Gimli.
ScottPilgrim got laid by Buhnie!
ScottPilgrim has killed PaleRider!
"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," ScottPilgrim yells.
ScottPilgrim has killed Amadeus!
"You will have no children!," curses Amadeus with relish.
Hard Harry has killed TWDODD!
Hard Harry laughs.
Hard Harry & Gordon of Ramsey had an uneventful online duel.
ScottPilgrim & Skippy had an uneventful online duel.
SLYXIE has beaten Sandtiger!
Finicus & Hard Harry had an uneventful online duel.
Hard Harry has killed Gordon of Ramsey!
"Next time Gordon of Ramsey, try a thing called putting up a fight, eh,"
Hard Harry says seriously.
ScottPilgrim & Skippy had an uneventful online duel.
Hard Harry has beaten Sparhawk!
Dance With Me gives birth to a boy! His name is Maui.
Finicus has killed Hard Harry!
"Muahahaha" laughs Finicus.
Suhail Ali Syed has killed DanleyJV!
"This means WAR!," DanleyJV shouts savagely.
Dance With Me got laid by ~THeRMoMiX~!
Prinza has killed ScottPilgrim!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," Prinza promises.
Finicus has killed Suhail Ali Syed!
"Holy Moly! You're such an ass!," shrieks Suhail Ali Syed.
Finicus has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Prinza has killed Skippy in an Online Duel!
Sandman got laid by Keu!
Sandman got laid by TheLadyWhispers!
Prinza has killed Finicus in self defence!
"I'm having a very bad day...," Finicus moans.
Sandman has killed Ligeia!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," Ligeia says tearfully.
Dance With Me has killed SLYXIE!
"Yeow! My sword is hot today!," Dance With Me states.
Sandman has been killed by King Vidion!
"I must not be as studly as I thought," Sandman concedes.
Dance With Me has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Bob has been killed by Scallian Rap!
"I am SO mad I could slice you in two!," Bob screams.
Adrielle got laid by Demon_XvI!
Paladiamors has killed Dance With Me!
Paladiamors kicks Dance With Me one more time for good measure.
Adrielle has killed Prinza!
"If you were a fruit, you would be a crab-apple!, Adrielle!,"
Prinza mutters.
Jessrondicus has killed Adrielle!
"Kee-ya" curses Jessrondicus.
Jessrondicus has killed qom!
"GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, I'M GOOD!," cries Jessrondicus in delight.
Jessrondicus has killed Carolus!
Carolus cries bitterly. "I thought you were my friend!"
Sleepy(Sheep) got laid by Ether!
Sleepy(Sheep) has killed Jessrondicus!
Jessrondicus cries bitterly. "I don't know how, but you cheated!"
Sleepy(Sheep) has killed Paladiamors!
"I will cut off your testicles and feed them to your dog!,"
Paladiamors shouts savagely.
Sleepy(Sheep) has killed Howitzer!
"You, Sleepy(Sheep), are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
Plitz[BR] has killed DrDiddles!
DrDiddles sobs uncontrollably.
Plitz[BR] has killed Sleepy(Sheep)!
"Strike hard, strike first, no mercy." curses Plitz[BR].
bene got laid by Skippy!
bene got laid by MischiefTMaker!
bene has beaten Aladdin!
bene has killed Plitz[BR]!
"Your nothing but an overgrown catfish, bene," admonishes
Amadeus has killed bene!
"Yeow! My sword is hot today!," Amadeus states.
Amadeus has killed Robbedigital!
"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," Amadeus yells.
Amadeus has killed Theren_Lich!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," Theren_Lich says tearfully.
Ether got laid by Sleepy(Sheep)!
Ether has killed Amadeus!
"Your nothing but an overgrown catfish, Ether," admonishes
Palomar has beaten Sparhawk!
Soppis got laid by Elijah!
Ether has killed Soppis in self defence!
"Geez! I don't believe this! Last time I attack you, Ether!,"
Soppis laments.
Keu has killed Ether!
Ether's scream as he falls is heard all over the realm.
Cwiss Wock has been killed by Old Man!
"You got lucky, Old Man!," Cwiss Wock declares.
Starspawn has killed Maverick!
"You're a loser. You will always be a loser,"
Starspawn informs Maverick.
Starspawn has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Frag Bait has beaten Sparhawk!
Balwin has killed Borb the Boblin!
"Holy Moly! You're such an ass!," shrieks Borb the Boblin.
Balwin has beaten Sparhawk!
b-rar has killed Keu!
"GRNOG BASH Keu! Cut off their manhood and feed it to goats!"
b-rar has killed Starspawn!
"Buwahahah." b-rar screams.
b-rar has killed Frag Bait!
b-rar laughs.
b-rar has killed Balwin!
"At least I have honor, something you cannot say, b-rar,"
Balwin rebukes.
Tam got kicked in the groin by Violet!
Buhnie got laid by Pink Dragon!
Buhnie got laid by ScottPilgrim!
Buhnie has been killed by King Vidion!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," Buhnie challenges.
Bora has beaten Olodrin!
Bora has beaten Sandtiger!
b-rar has killed RAMMY in self defence!
"You got lucky, b-rar. You know you did!," RAMMY declares.
MischiefTMaker has killed b-rar!
b-rar's ashen white face is mud splattered.
MischiefTMaker has killed Palomar!
"Yikes! You're such an ass!," shrieks Palomar.
MischiefTMaker has killed Biffo Again!
"Oh my God! I'm covered in blood!," gasps Biffo Again.
Ash has killed Tam!
"Buwahahah." Ash screams.
Ash has killed Ayla!
"Holy Moly! You're such an ass!," shrieks Ayla.
Ash has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
pink dr@gon got laid by Amadeus!
pink dr@gon got laid by Jessrondicus!
pink dr@gon got laid by Amadeus!
pink dr@gon has killed MischiefTMaker!
"Aww yeeeah, I'm the man!," pink dr@gon states, while dancing around.
pink dr@gon has killed Papaparakeet!
pink dr@gon does a little dance over Papaparakeet's grave.
pink dr@gon has killed Ash!
"pink dr@gon must have been using JENNIE codes. CHEATER!"
Ash cries bitterly.
OzKartheGrouCh has killed pink dr@gon!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," pink dr@gon says tearfully.
~THeRMoMiX~ got laid by Dance With Me!
~THeRMoMiX~ has killed OzKartheGrouCh!
~THeRMoMiX~ sticks OzKartheGrouCh's head on a stick for all to see.
Arianhod has killed Da Killer in an Online Duel!
Calfor has beaten Olodrin!
Damaged has killed ~THeRMoMiX~!
~THeRMoMiX~ cries bitterly. "I thought you were my friend!"
Damaged has been killed by Earth Shaker!
"How the hell did you do that?!," Damaged shouts.
Purgatory has killed Calfor!
"Holy Moly! You're such an ass!," shrieks Calfor.
Purgatory has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Purgatory has killed Raign!
"Oh my God! I'm covered in blood!," gasps Raign.
Sylvara got laid by Bograt!
ekiller has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
ekiller has been killed by Screeching Witch!
"I'LL BE BACK!," swears ekiller.
MeowsterLee has beaten Sandtiger!
MeowsterLee & anonymous had an uneventful online duel.
anonymous has killed Arianhod!
"GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, I'M GOOD!," cries anonymous in delight.
anonymous has killed BlackDragonKnight!
"I hope the ivy grows around your rotting body, BlackDragonKnight,"
Doomguy has been killed by Bran The Warrior!
"Well...So much for my reputation!," expounds Doomguy.
Hoadeath has beaten Olodrin!
Hoadeath has killed Snort!
"*scoff* The NERVE!" Snort screams.
TheLadyWhispers got laid by Sandman!
TheLadyWhispers has killed MeowsterLee!
"This means WAR!," MeowsterLee shouts savagely.
TheLadyWhispers has killed Purgatory!
"I wasn't ready!," Purgatory screams.
TheLadyWhispers has killed grannychinchips!
grannychinchips sobs uncontrollably.
Demon_XvI got laid by Adrielle!
Demon_XvI has killed TheLadyWhispers!
"Next time TheLadyWhispers, try a thing called putting up a fight, eh,"
Demon_XvI says seriously.
Ayla refuses to dine with Bora!
Ayla has killed Shenodin!
"Holy Moly! You're such an ass!," shrieks Shenodin.
Ayla has killed Bora!
"Ack! What a jealous person you've become, Ayla!,
Bora cries.
Ayla has beaten Sparhawk!
Ayla has killed Contego!
"The only reason you won was because I wasn't feeling well!," whines
Cironnu Greyblade Got laid by Violet!
Moose has beaten Olodrin!
NewHabits has killed Sir Strayveange!
"Aww yeeeah, I'm the man!," NewHabits states, while dancing around.
NewHabits has beaten Sparhawk!
NewHabits has killed Ayla!
"GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, I'M GOOD!," cries NewHabits in delight.
Cironnu Greyblade has killed NewHabits in self defence!
"Somebody tell me this is a dream...," NewHabits groans.
tjernobyl has killed SrWong!
"And don't you EVER come 'round here again!," tjernobyl warns.
tjernobyl has killed Demon_XvI!
"How dare you presume to strike ME, tjernobyl,"
Demon_XvI screams.
tjernobyl has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
3 Kids In Disguise has beaten Halder!
3 Kids In Disguise has killed Purz!
3 Kids In Disguise does a little dance over Purz's grave.
EverydayOutlaw has killed Hoadeath!
"EverydayOutlaw must have been using JENNIE codes. CHEATER!"
Hoadeath cries bitterly.
EverydayOutlaw has killed Moose!
EverydayOutlaw kicks Moose one more time for good measure.
Sylvara has killed EverydayOutlaw in self defence!
"Ack! I'm humiliated in front of all!," explains EverydayOutlaw.
lofigirl has beaten Olodrin!
lofigirl has killed 3 Kids In Disguise!
"Next time 3 Kids In Disguise, try a thing called putting up a fight, eh,"
lofigirl says seriously.
Prince Canada has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Elijah got laid by Soppis!
Prince Canada has killed Cironnu Greyblade!
Prince Canada kicks Cironnu Greyblade one more time for good measure.
Mr. Esquire has beaten Sandtiger!
Sylvara has killed Mr. Esquire in self defence!
"I must not be as studly as I thought...!," Mr. Esquire concedes.
WabbahJabbah got laid by pink dr@gon!
WabbahJabbah has been killed by Night Hawk!
Halder laughs at WabbahJabbah's plight.
Shark13 has beaten Olodrin!
Jessrondicus got laid by pink dr@gon!
Draken has beaten Halder!
Draken has killed Endora!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," Endora says tearfully.
Matt-10611 has beaten Aladdin!
Matt-10611 has killed tjernobyl!
tjernobyl's ashen white face is mud splattered.
Matt-10611 has killed AZRAEL!
"My goodness. I do believe I'm dead." AZRAEL realizes.
Matt-10611 has killed Draken!
"Oh my God! I'm covered in blood!," gasps Draken.
Pink Dragon got laid by Buhnie!
Pink Dragon has been killed by King Vidion!
"I would rather gargle razor blades then be beaten by you,
King Vidion!," Pink Dragon screams.
paladin has killed Camppion!
"Next time Camppion, try a thing called putting up a fight, eh,"
paladin says seriously.
paladin has killed Prince Canada!
"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," paladin yells.
paladin has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
paladin has killed TheWolfe!
"Aww yeeeah, I'm the man!," paladin states, while dancing around.
Bograt got laid by Sylvara!
Bograt has beaten Sandtiger!
Bograt has killed Shark13!
"This is Sparta!" screams Bograt in anger.
Bograt has killed anonymous!
"Your organ donor status has been updated!" laughs Bograt.
Bograt has killed lofigirl!
"There's no crying in LORD!" screams Bograt in anger.
Galt has beaten Aladdin!
Galt has been killed by Earth Shaker!
"Damn, Damn, Damn!," Galt roars.
Morgrom has been killed by Bran The Warrior!
The banker is already looking for Morgrom's next of kin.