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Round 43   Day 33

River Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
44,834,07312 TTodayDead
24,518,59412 T1 daysDead
22,694,72210 TTodayDead
18,442,87712 TTodayDead
1,632,5538 TTodayDead
564,42381 daysDead
278,6948 T1 daysDead
177,7358 T1 daysDead
60,4987 TTodayDead
56,3037 TTodayDead
29,4026 T1 daysDead
26,6616 TTodayDead
21,4196 T1 daysDead
3,5084 T1 daysDead
2,5884 T1 daysDead
19FMPenny Penpal
2,2824 TTodayDead
36631 daysDead
1351 T1 daysDead
23FDMuffdiver Extreme87,694,550111 daysDead
24MRonde65,380,00012 T1 daysDead
25TThorlock58,455,99911 TTodayDead
26FMDragon Slayer51,516,78212 TTodayDead
27TPaladiamors50,994,55312 TTodayDead
28TWilly49,290,971104 daysDead
31TPlatinum39,202,71010 TTodayAlive
34DFlamingMonkey35,338,311111 daysDead
35TWrist Spinner33,914,76512 TTodayDead
36DLemongrab32,972,037111 daysDead
37DLord Rikochete32,602,647101 daysDead
39TFrugal30,874,87811 T1 daysDead
40FTZat28,621,613121 daysDead
41DLt. Barclay28,469,864121 daysDead
42FT/\/\oronis28,072,70112 TTodayDead
43DSnowfrog27,636,079121 daysDead
44TGimli24,730,22711 TTodayDead
46TFrag Bait the 3rd23,683,69712 TTodayDead
49TBillTheCat19,988,07712 T1 daysDead
51FTMiss Anthropic19,129,52012 T1 daysDead
52FTRobbin17,732,57910 T1 daysDead
53TMcbain16,691,19412 TTodayDead
54FTDuchess of Oven14,185,17611 T1 daysDead
55TGrendel14,127,42411 T1 daysDead
56MDog of the South13,996,26712 T1 daysDead
57Tb-rar12,820,00912 T1 daysDead
58TBuckwheat11,884,596101 daysDead
59FTTulpa10,804,077121 daysDead
60DCREATURE10,686,468121 daysDead
61FMpink dragom10,125,837121 daysDead
62TIssac8,944,324121 daysDead
63FTTheLadyWhispers8,496,685101 daysDead
64Ttjernobyl7,928,47911 T2 daysDead
65FTRunny Nose7,107,48291 daysDead
66DJohn List6,641,56411TodayDead
67FDKristen Bell6,186,942111 daysDead
68TPalomar6,185,3238 TTodayAlive
69Tlofiguy6,183,46811 TTodayDead
70Dtito5,171,12581 daysDead
71DBaldwin4,338,778101 daysDead
72TDred4,316,13410 T1 daysDead
74Tfoulup3,999,7467 TTodayDead
75FDBuhnie3,736,36082 daysDead
76TDA Killer3,573,9729 TTodayDead
77TSir Strayveange3,459,372101 daysDead
79DTam3,257,30710D1 daysDead
80TLifehouse3,131,37291 daysDead
83Mgem2,299,603111 daysDead
84Djerred2,043,366101 daysDead
85Dmister1,573,117101 daysDead
86Tstarspawn1,443,04010 TTodayDead
87MLrdNosferatu1,306,017101 daysDead
88DDarkAngel1,266,938101 daysDead
89DDr. Paxl885,1209TodayAlive
90DUsUrPeR856,67462 daysDead
91MThiberun835,67391 daysDead
92DSoUlSuRgE709,04191 daysDead
93FMrat638,40081 daysDead
94DToPLaD598,74392 daysDead
95TBograt415,71592 daysDead
96DMr.X368,43271 daysDead
97MSeuntjie350,31581 daysDead
98Mmoestradamus245,41981 daysDead
99DBuskirk Boarhound163,22971 daysDead
100FDAshleyblue116,64251 daysDead
101TSlenderMan76,22561 daysDead
102DPsalx3373,34975 daysDead
104FTSURE!36,54623 daysAlive
105DScramble25,44661 daysDead
106Twildman22,98651 daysDead
107Tsasquatch21,97451 daysDead
108TRainbow Garcia18,31261 daysDead
109TLancelotTN16,51161 daysDead
110Tyeti12,69151 daysDead
111MPhydeaux12,60461 daysDead
112TSkinnyBob12,42551 daysDead
113TClyde12,32841 daysDead
114DJack Malloy11,83852 daysDead
115TJakarrd11,25962 daysDead
116FDLady Voltron10,24651 daysDead
118MFalconer8,39352 daysDead
119MBill Murray7,57652 daysDead
120THoadeath7,29941 daysDead
121TPaul Samotik5,70742 daysDead
123FDTWDODD4,2062 TTodayDead
124Tyowie4,10331 daysDead
125FTBonnie2,46421 daysDead
126MDanith1,72741 daysDead
127TMelnor1,51545 daysDead
128MAaravos1,27731 daysDead
129DThorogald95627 daysDead
130Ddr.doom92121 daysDead
131FTyeren52811 daysDead
132DZecari Eldraine50426 daysDead
133FMOdin29511 daysDead
134FTRemon18313 daysUndead
135Tolu18121 daysAlive
136DFulcrum10312 daysDead
137MWesley Willis10313 daysAlive
138MDimwit8124 daysDead
139DMinh8013 daysUndead
140FMRikki8014 daysDead
141FDlitten7715 daysDead
142MLola7412 daysAlive
143DTex7314 daysDead
144Dnope2517 daysDead
145MGoglis1117 daysDead
146TEekus815 daysDead
147FMgalleri313 daysAlive
The Daily Happenings....
A small girl was missing today.
CannonFodder has beaten Sparhawk!
Penny Penpal got laid by Wrist Spinner!
Plitzcaia has beaten Sparhawk!
Penny Penpal has beaten Barak!
Penny Penpal has killed nope!
"This means WAR!," nope shouts savagely.
Plitzcaia has killed Rainbow Garcia!
"This means WAR!," Rainbow Garcia shouts savagely.
TomTerrific got laid by Oki!
Sandman got laid by TheLadyWhispers!
Sandman has killed Lemongrab!
"Your nothing but an overgrown catfish, Sandman," admonishes
Penny Penpal has killed maninblack!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," Penny Penpal promises.
Penny Penpal has beaten Aragorn!
Sandman has been killed by The Wizard Of Darkness!
The Wizard Of Darkness devours Sandman raw.
Paladiamors got laid by Zat!
TomTerrific has been killed by Corinthian Giant!
"How many of you Corinthian Giants live in that forest anyway?!,"
TomTerrific ponders.
The Red Dragon has killed Paladiamors!
Gimli has been killed by Sheena The Shapechanger!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
Gimli in dismay.
CannonFodder has killed Plitzcaia!
"You will have no children!," curses Plitzcaia with relish.
Adrielle got laid by SoUlSuRgE!
Adrielle got laid by Sora!
Sora got laid by Adrielle!
Adrielle has killed Penny Penpal!
"I wish I'd never been born!," rants Penny Penpal.
Adrielle has killed Hoadeath!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," Hoadeath says tearfully.
Adrielle has beaten Sandtiger!
MrGeneParmesan Got laid by Violet!
The Red Dragon has killed Legend!
Skaka has been killed by Cyclops Warrior!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
Skaka in dismay.
River has killed Sora in self defence!
"Geez! I don't believe this! Last time I attack you, River!,"
Sora laments.
TWDODD got laid by Snowfrog!
Jase has killed MrGeneParmesan!
"GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, I'M GOOD!," cries Jase in delight.
Clintbeastwood has been killed by Black Unicorn!
"I must not be as studly as I thought," Clintbeastwood concedes.
Donavio has been killed by Toraks Son, Korak!
"My goodness. This a turn for the worse," states Donavio.
The Red Dragon has killed Jase!
River has killed CannonFodder in self defence!
"Ack! I'm humiliated in front of all!," explains CannonFodder.
DA Killer has killed River!
"DA Killer must have been using JENNIE codes. CHEATER!"
River cries bitterly.
ECUpirate05 has killed Adrielle!
"This means WAR!," Adrielle shouts savagely.
ECUpirate05 has beaten Sparhawk!
ECUpirate05 Got laid by Seth Able!
Rockypete has killed TWDODD!
"Holy Moly! You're such an ass!," shrieks TWDODD.
Rockypete has killed DA Killer!
"Your nothing but an overgrown catfish, Rockypete," admonishes
DA Killer.
Rockypete has beaten Gandalf!
/\/\oronis got laid by Lord Rikochete!
Rockypete has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
The Red Dragon has killed Mcbain!
Barb has beaten Sandtiger!
/\/\oronis has been killed by Cyclops Warrior!
"Ack! I was under the impression I was invincible. I suppose I was wrong,"
/\/\oronis admits.
The Red Dragon has killed Rockypete!
Thorlock has been killed by ShadowStormWarrior!
"I am SO mad I could slice you in two!," Thorlock screams.
lofiguy has been killed by ShadowStormWarrior!
ShadowStormWarrior carefully burys lofiguy.
Sleepy(Sheep) got laid by Kristen Bell!
The Red Dragon has killed llama!
ECUpirate05 has killed Sleepy(Sheep) in self defence!
"I'm having a very bad day...," Sleepy(Sheep) moans.
foulup has killed Barb!
"Oh don't get a big head, foulup! You suck!," taunts Barb.
foulup has killed ECUpirate05!
"Your time will come, foulup, I swear!" ECUpirate05 cries.
Snort has been killed by Corinthian Giant!
"I think I'm going to be sick," Snort moans pitifully.
Dragon Slayer has been killed by Black Unicorn!
"How the hell did you do that?!," Dragon Slayer shouts.
John List has killed NaughtyKnight!
"Buwahahah." John List screams.
John List has been killed by White Bear Of Lore!
John List's entrails are littering the forest.
Helluscious has killed Aqsxbxtxsklinulhjl!
Aqsxbxtxsklinulhjl's ashen white face is mud splattered.
GRANDMOTHER has been killed by Adult Gold Dragon!
"Killed by Adult Gold Dragon. I am disgraced," grieves GRANDMOTHER.
foulup has killed Ether in self defence!
"I'll tell everyone you wear a girdle, foulup!," reveals Ether.
Palomar got laid by River!
River got laid by Palomar!
Palomar got laid by River!
River Got laid by Seth Able!
River has killed foulup!
"How dare you presume to strike ME, River,"
foulup screams.
Howitzer has been killed by Mountain!
"How the hell did you do that?!," Howitzer shouts.
The Red Dragon has killed Frag Bait the 3rd!
starspawn has been killed by Toraks Son, Korak!
"At least I wasn't bested by Large Rat, eh?," shrugs starspawn.
Wrist Spinner got laid by Penny Penpal!
The Red Dragon has killed Wrist Spinner!
Mrmarbles has killed Zecari Eldraine!
"Your time will come, Mrmarbles, I swear!" Zecari Eldraine cries.
The Red Dragon has killed Mrmarbles!
KingsWit has slain the Red Dragon and become a hero.