Lord Time
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Round 20   Day 22

River Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
3FDFury16,894,795121 daysDead
4FTKeu16,769,32212 TTodayDead
5DDalamar14,192,244121 daysDead
7FTWillow12,538,09512 TTodayDead
9FDAutumn10,930,716121 daysDead
11FTpink dragon8,053,98510TodayDead
13FMShiloh4,26552 daysAlive
14DSen23425 daysAlive
15TFormat8819 daysAlive
16DAldair512 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
A Child was found today! But scared deaf and dumb.
The Red Dragon has killed Pumpkin!
Lettuce has beaten Prince Caspian!
Lettuce has beaten Gandalf!
Lettuce has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
The Red Dragon has killed Lettuce!
The Red Dragon has killed Keu!
The Red Dragon has killed Willow!
Snek got laid by Keu!
Snek has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"How many of you Mutated Black Widows live in that forest anyway?!,"
Snek ponders.
Fade has slain the Red Dragon and become a hero.
Fade has beaten Halder!
Fade walks out of the forest acting chipper!
b-rar has been killed by Sweet Looking Little Girl!
Sweet Looking Little Girl devours b-rar raw.
The Red Dragon has killed Dasher!
pink dragon has killed Fade!
"And don't you EVER come 'round here again!," pink dragon warns.
pink dragon has beaten Prince Caspian!
pink dragon has been killed by Brand The Wanderer!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," pink dragon challenges.