Lord Time
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Round 24   Day 23

River Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
3TSilverfangs24,590,35212 TTodayDead
4TDalamar16,613,74512 TTodayDead
6FTKeu16,224,09912 TTodayDead
8TSnek15,167,56812 TTodayDead
12FTLettuce13,058,83612Now (22:53)Alive
14TFade12,830,34712 TTodayDead
15FTpink dragon12,676,02312TodayDead
16FDPumpkin12,672,84212Now (22:53)Alive
19TYoda the Zen6,763,05310 TTodayDead
20DThe Razgriz6,186,84594 daysDead
21FTM. Deathstrike5,046,02810TodayDead
29DPolonius77,72262 daysAlive
30TEasyEXP8,39951 daysDead
31DJacknut2,34044 daysDead
32DEremon11,95449 daysDead
33TMildew1,21545 daysDead
34FTChknegg55134 daysDead
35Tsp00ge333211 daysDead
37DKeijo26111 daysAlive
38MJaffa19413 daysAlive
39FMVivian13221 daysAlive
40TBravzo13119 daysAlive
41FTJerknut12214 daysAlive
42DJamesFnX10626 daysDead
43DDragonScorpio10413 daysDead
45TLord Howard9921 daysDead
46FDAndreanne46111 daysDead
47DGunmanGrim29112 daysDead
48Maleckto26112 daysDead
49TRetrOtaku916 daysDead
50Mgroovyb8110 daysDead
51MBltgamers6110 daysDead
52DAbsalom518 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
Despair covers the land - more bloody remains have been found today.
Lucian has killed Willow!
"Well, my horoscope DID say there would be a great change in my life..."
Lucian has beaten Gandalf!
Lucian has been killed by Sheena The Shapechanger!
"How the hell did you do that?!," Lucian shouts.
Enkidu! got laid by M. Deathstrike!
Enkidu! has beaten Turgon!
He has become the Ultimate Warrior!
Enkidu! has killed RetrOtaku!
"Yikes! You're such an ass!," shrieks RetrOtaku.
Enkidu! has killed aleckto!
"I wish I'd never been born!," rants aleckto.
Enkidu! has killed Eremon1!
"You, Enkidu!, are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
The Red Dragon has killed Enkidu!!
The Red Dragon has killed Fez!
Yoda the Zen has killed Dasher!
Yoda the Zen sticks Dasher's head on a stick for all to see.
Yoda the Zen has killed JamesFnX!
"You will have no children!," curses JamesFnX with relish.
Yoda the Zen has killed DragonScorpio!
"Oh fine...Just destroy my life please!," DragonScorpio says tearfully.
Pho has beaten Halder!
The Red Dragon has killed Keu!
Ryan Got laid by Violet!
Ryan has been killed by Floating Evil Eye!
"You are definitely stronger than you look, Floating Evil Eye," Ryan admits.
Fade has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
Fade's entrails are littering the forest.
Dalamar has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"How the hell did you do that?!," Dalamar shouts.
The Red Dragon has killed Snek!
HomeyG has killed Yoda the Zen!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," HomeyG promises.
HomeyG has killed Ver!
"Ver is a girlie-man!" taunts HomeyG.
HomeyG has beaten Prince Caspian!
HomeyG has beaten Gandalf!
HomeyG has beaten Turgon!
He has become the Ultimate Warrior!
The Red Dragon has killed HomeyG!
b-rar has been killed by Toraks Son, Korak!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
b-rar in dismay.
kira got laid by Silverfangs!
kira got laid by Lucian!
kira has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," kira challenges.
The Red Dragon has killed pink dragon!
Mudduck has beaten Sparhawk!
Silverfangs has killed Pho!
"Oh don't get a big head, Silverfangs! You suck!," taunts Pho.
Silverfangs has killed Heisenberg!
"Oh don't get a big head, Silverfangs! You suck!," taunts Heisenberg.
Silverfangs has killed GunmanGrim!
"GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, I'M GOOD!," cries Silverfangs in delight.
The Red Dragon has killed Silverfangs!
Heisenberg has beaten Halder!
Mudduck has killed Willow in self defence!
"I must not be as studly as I thought...!," Willow concedes.
M. Deathstrike got laid by Enkidu!!
M. Deathstrike has killed buckwheat!
M. Deathstrike laughs.
Dasher has killed M. Deathstrike!
"Aww yeeeah, I'm the man!," Dasher states, while dancing around.
Dasher has killed Stryder in self defence!
"I'm having a very bad day...," Stryder moans.
The Red Dragon has killed Fury!
Kjell has been killed by Death Dealer!
"Ack! I was under the impression I was invincible. I suppose I was wrong,"
Kjell admits.
Sandman has killed Dasher!
"Dasher is a girlie-man!" taunts Sandman.
Sandman has been killed by The Mighty Shadow!
"How many of you The Mighty Shadows live in that forest anyway?!,"
Sandman ponders.