Lord Time
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Round 22   Day 18

River Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
2FTFury15,725,367101 daysDead
3DRongXanh15,279,62012 TTodayDead
4FDAutumn15,099,964121 daysDead
6DDasher14,499,527121 daysDead
7TDalamar13,977,286121 daysDead
8TFade11,238,19412 T1 daysDead
12Tpink dragon6,152,7218TodayAlive
13FMLettuce4,984,85391 daysDead
15MLordPEZ1,435,83391 daysDead
16DBlecchh!102,62982 daysDead
17DMeWhoElse DK82,40871 daysDead
18TFaker68,79172 daysDead
20TChrono004,41842 daysAlive
21TMORG4,28958 daysDead
22FMKindread22221 daysAlive
23DStolimos136214 daysDead
24DNightHunter6316 daysAlive
The Daily Happenings....
Despair covers the land - more bloody remains have been found today.
The Red Dragon has killed RongXanh!
Sandman has been killed by Sweet Looking Little Girl!
"At least I wasn't bested by Large Rat, eh?," shrugs Sandman.
Snek has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"Well...So much for my reputation!," expounds Snek.
Pumpkin has killed Fury!
"Your time will come, Pumpkin, I swear!" Fury cries.
Pumpkin has beaten Prince Caspian!
Pumpkin has beaten Gandalf!
Pumpkin has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
The Red Dragon has killed Pumpkin!
The Red Dragon has killed Keu!
b-rar has been killed by Sweet Looking Little Girl!
"I must not be as studly as I thought," b-rar concedes.
pink dragon has killed Pegasus!
Pegasus sobs uncontrollably.