Lord Time
Online Players

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily time allowance

Each day you will receive a 45 minute per realm time allowance. This time allowance is to prevent players who wish to kill each other from idling forever until one player leaves. Your remaining time is displayed on the lord command prompt.

Blocking another player

You can block or unblock another player from the conversation in the bar, flower garden, online duel request or mail. Blocking a player also applies the block to players under the same account in the other realms. Players are NOT notified they have been blocked. You can manage blocked players using your block list in My Account

When you block a player you will no longer:

  • Receive their mail, romantic mail or bank transfers.
  • See their announcements, player fight press statements or baby names in the daily news, conversation in the bar, flower garden or writing in the dirt.
  • Receive their online duel requests in realms where duels can be declined.


A players status will appear undead in the rankings if they are still waiting to be resurrected that day. Players are resurrected at a random time on the third and sixth day of being inactive.

Player grew tired of waiting and left the battle!

A battle lock is issued whenever you begin a player fight. This lock insures that another player cannot attack the player you are currently fighting and that the player you are fighting cannot enter the realm. The lock however has a timeout of 5 minutes. If another player begins a fight with the player you are fighting or the player you are fighting enters the realm and your battle lock has expired, you will be kicked from the fight. The lock timeout is there to prevent a malicious player from idling in a player fight to prevent a player from entering the realm or prevent a player from taking a kill.

Inactive accounts deletion

Inactive accounts are deleted after 1 year except for previous winners.

Site down

Generally the site should only be down if the host is having problems, and will come back once they fix their issue. You can check their status page at https://status.gearhost.com/. If there is an issue with the legendreddragon.net domain you can try accessing the site at https://lord.gear.host/.